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Terms and Conditions for QuickLabelCrop Online Services are a collection of free, straightforward online tools that can be used to manipulate.pdf files in several common ways. A technology called QuickLabelCrop assists online retailers in processing orders from sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and others. User may upload Amazon, Flipkart, and so forth. The QuickLabelCrop tool will automatically crop shipping/shipment labels in the size of 4×6 inches and sort labels according to product sku and quantity for quicker and more efficient order processing during packaging.

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Only Users will have access to the altered files after QuickLabelCrop has processed them because it does not analyze the content of files as it processes them. This link can be sent along to another person if the user so chooses. After 30 minutes for the tool being utilized, QuickLabelCrop will automatically remove processed files from their servers. Users are solely accountable for how they use their own files. Users can only view their own processed files with QuickLabelCrop. Only while the download link is active will these files continue to be kept on our systems.